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Frieze NY is open, virtually

Over the weekend, I took a little virtual road trip to Frieze New York. It's probably the closest I’ll be getting to an art fair for a while. I’ve been curious to experience an art fair viewing room since Art Basel Hong Kong debuted its viewing rooms in March coupled with New York, the destination, being on my list to visit so it seemed like a perfect match for my weekend getaway. I excitedly registered and began my countdown to the opening of the viewing rooms. Frieze's Preview began on May 6 and the viewing room "doors" were opened to the public two days later on May 8. I've have always been curious about art fairs since I first learned about them back in my early art days. I have always seen them as a gathering-point for the global art world to come together and see what's going on with each other. I even started seeing several muse

ums host a booth at local art fairs to promote their programming and highlight their collection. I couldn’t wait until I experienced one for myself. I have since experienced several all throughout Los Angeles and internationally as a guest, press, and as a first-time booth participant at QIPO 02 in CDMX. (Images to the right are of my booth at QIPO 02, Easy To Transport, featuring artists: Katayoun Bahrami, Elisa Ortega Montilla, and Typical Office and of me inside the booth.)

Getting to experience art fairs from these different perspectives has provided me different glimpses into their many moving parts but also a unique opportunity to meet a lot of people and see a lot of galleries and art from all around the world. I would say that art fairs are a lot like an all-star weekend for the art world. Galleries prep to bring a stellar line-up, play hard for several days and there's lots of moving and shaking and then celebrating. In light of recent events though, it may be a while before we see art fairs in person. In the meantime, we can enjoy the digital experience from the comforts of our home screen.

This year's Frieze New York a la online hosts more than 200 galleries including videos, as well as features 2D wall space renderings to see how it would look in a space, and almost all its regular programming and then some, but virtually.

As I scrolled through each gallery's presentation, there was plenty of information available to peruse. There was no way you could not find a way to learn more about the galleries or the artists or inquire about the artwork. Each gallery viewing room became like a slideshow that I could zoom in on works, watch videos about the artists and even sign a digital guest book.

I took a few screen shots of some works that caught my eye. Check them out below:

Frieze NY viewing rooms will be live until May 15. So if you're looking for a digital art adventure, register and take a virtual art stroll!

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